Bloguin Heisman TrophyEach week a group of Bloguin college football bloggers get together and put our votes in for the top Heisman Trophy candidates. Then after the votes are tabulated by Kevin over at College Football Zealots, the poll is released on Wednesday.

Here are the results for week 12 of the 2011 college football season. Be sure to head over Crystal Ball Run for a full look at the results for the week for more insight on the poll.

  1. Robert Griffin III (QB-Baylor)- 29 Points, 32.22%, 8 1st Place Votes
  2. Andrew Luck (QB-Stanford) – 18 Points, 20.00%, 4 1st Place Votes
  3. Trent Richardson (RB-Alabama) – 15 Points, 16.67%, 1 1st Place Vote
  4. Case Keenum (QB-Houston)- 12.5 Points, 13.89%, 0 1st Place Votes
  5. Montee Ball (RB-Wisconsin) – 7.5 Points, 8.33%, 1 1st Place Vote
  • Also Receiving Votes: Matt Barkley (QB- USC) 4 pts, Colin Klein (QB- Kansas State) 3 pts, Kellen Moore (QB- Boise State) 1 pt
  • Dropped Out: Brandon Weeden (QB- Oklahoma State), Justin Blackmon (WR- Oklahoma State), David Wilson (RB- Virginia Tech)

In case you were wondering, here’s how I voted this week:

1. Robert Griffin III, QB – Baylor: In continuing my what have you done for me lately theme, RGIII vaults from nowheresville USA in my ballot to the top after a stellar performance in an upset win over Oklahoma. RGIII was 21-of-34 for 479 yards and four touchdown passes. He also ran for 72 yards on 18 carries. With all of the upsets going on in college football right now, there is no clear cut favorite which might allow RG III or even another player to steal the Heisman away from everybody’s preseason and most of the season favorite Andrew Luck.

2. Case Keenum, QB – Houston: While Keenum didn’t break the bank in the win over SMU, he’s considered here because of his overall body of work this season. In the win over SMU, he only threw for 318 yards and one touchdown pass. The 318 yards were his second lowest of the season as was the one touchdown pass. But on the season, he’s thrown for 4,269 yards and 38 touchdowns with just three interceptions.

3. Kellen Moore, QB – Boise State: After his team suffered a tough loss their last time out, last weekend Moore made sure his Broncos weren’t going to be on the losing end again. He threw for 366 yards and four touchdown passes. He did have one interception though. His 35 touchdown passes this season match what he did last season when he was a Heisman finalist.

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