First off, I am using this picture again because I like it so much. Now on to our feature presentation.

On Monday night, Mr Asshole, Scott Boras, held a press conference to let the world know what he thinks the value of Daisuke Matsuzaka

“is worth well in excess of $100 million.”

Matsuzaka was not present for the press conference. Boras added that their will be meetings with the Boston Red Sox over the next few days to try and get the deal done. Basically what he wants for his client is a 6 yr $100 million dollar contract stating that this is what Matsuzaka would get if he were a free agent. Well Scott, I hate to break it to you but he’s not. He’s still under contract with the Seibu Lions who will get him back if the Red Sox do not sign him.

If the Red Sox were to give in and give him this money. It would mean that they have paid $151,100,000 million dollars for a guy who has never pitched in the big leagues. For some reason, I see them settling around the $12-13 million a year mark because rumors are the Red Sox were willing to go as high as $10 million per year.

“In Japan he’s known as the national treasure,” Boras said. “Here he will be known as Fort Knox.”

Theo Epstein, Larry Lucchino, and John Henry are out in beautiful Southern California for what will probably be the longest 3 days of their lives. They have until Thursday night, Dec 14th, to get a deal done. As more word comes about this whole grueling process, I will let you know but for now I leave you with this quote as to why Boras called the press conference:

“I think this is the American way.”

American way? My ass. The American way is not being a greedy fuck ahole. All you are concerned with is your money Mr Boras. You say its up to Daisuke to decide whether or not he signs. Well your the one providing the advice. I hope when your driving home tonight you realize what a prick you are.

I apologize for my use of foul language in this post but it’s upsetting when one person is ruining the hopes and dreams of an entire nation. That nation being Red Sox nation.

Red Sox Nation

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