Well it seems as though negotiations with Daisuke Matsuzaka and his agent Scott Boras have broken down because Boras is a selfish prick.

Boras has not really been interested in dealing with the Red Sox since the initial offers. Boras wants $15 million a year for his client while the Sox were in the $6-7 million dollar range. Given the fact that mediocre pitchers such as Gil Meche, 5 yrs $55 million from the KC Royals, are getting large contracts, the Red Sox are in an awkward position. They have already dished out $51.1 million dollars for the rights just to negotiate (The money does get returned if they don’t sign Matsuzaka). So if they do get a deal done with him, it’s going to cost them well over $100 million for a player who has never pitched a MLB game.

Boras is not happy with the way the posting system works. I think he’d rather see Matsuzaka play over there 2 more years and then cash in. Of course that means more money for him too. The Sox would realistically have to get the deal done by Tuesday to get him in town on Wednesday for a physical and signed before the deadline on Thursday. Is this gonna happen? I sure as heck hope so. My hopes aren’t up though.

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