Bay Watch

Things were relatively quiet during the Baseball Winter Meetings on the Jason Bay front. Sure there were a few rumors here and there but there was nothing really of substance (Angels, Mariners).

We do know that the Boston Red Sox offered Bay a 4 year, $60 million deal that he rejected. Supposedly, it will take five years to get Bay under contract.

And now according to Jon Heyman of, we have a new player in the Bay sweepstakes in the New York Mets. Heyman reports that the Mets have offered Bay a 4 year, $65 million deal.

If the Mets were to go to five years, it certainly seems like he could end up back in the National League. But if neither team does or any other team for that matter, what would take for Red Sox GM Theo Epstein to get him back in the Fens for 2010?

I don’t see why the Red Sox wouldn’t give Bay a similar contract to what J.D. Drew got (5 years, $70 million) and throw in some tickets to the 2010 NHL Winter Classic in Boston as well.