In another heated Rookie Card Playoffs race, Manny Ramirez’s New Edition 1992 card pulled through in the Slugger Round with 44% of the votes.


He edged out Ken Griffey, Jr. with 37% and Cool Hand Konerko, who accumulated 13% of the votes. Frank Thomas’ reach-around managed just 5% while Magglio Ordonez’s lack of locks accumulated only 3% of the tallies.

This brings us to the sixth set of Round One, the Pitcher’s Duel. The winning card will move onto the final Round, where only one will emerge the glorious victor: the Rookie Card Champion of the World.

Check out these hurlers’ first years in the big leagues and choose your favorite. Once again, you may base your favoritism on absolutely anything.

Maybe the bewildered look on Tom Glavine’s face has you chuckling and we know you love the smug mug on Curt Schilling (some things never change!) How about the relaxed lean of Mariano Rivera or those legs on The Hoff?! And some of us may feel nostalgic when looking at the last future Hall Of Famer, John Smoltz.

Vote for your favorite current player’s rookie card.

You can vote here or head over to see my beautiful and talented co-host, Sooze, at Babes Love Baseball to vote.


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