Saturday Salute to BloggersThe super sexy Texy from Center Field has more video of Jonathan Papelbon for you. This time it’s his interview on FSN New England.

The very beautiful and elegant Yankees Chick has her top 10 reasons why ARod declared free agency.

Even though her team has sucked as of late, the hottest USC fan on the planet, Gridiron Goddess, gives you her college football picks for the weekend.

Sarah from Babes Love Baseball welcomes you to the Girardi era in Yankee land.

Scott from wants you to know Manny invited us over for drinks.

Jason from My Baseball Bias looks at the options to replace ARod at third for the Yankees.

I Didn’t Know There Was Baseball in Ireland has a New York Yankees to Boston Red Sox fan conversion application for Yanks fans.

Richie Rich from Home Run Derby has a look at some Red Sox jack-o-lanterns.

Anthony from the Oriole Post put Scott Boras and ARod in his idiot file.

Awful Announcing has a video on why the soon-to-be newest ESPN announcer didn’t dress as a prostitute for Halloween.

And last but certainly not least, Fitzy from the Townie News has his Wicked Pissah World Series champs webcast up for your enjoyment. As always, videos from Fitzy are NSFW so don’t say I didn’t warn you.[/youtube]