Victor Martinez and Joe Borowski

Is it panic time in Red Sox Nation? Kevin Youkilis says we don’t need to panic. I may have been a little harsh on Dice-K last night in the game recap but it’s frustrating to watch him pitch at times. I do agree with Steve’s assessment that he should not be entirely blamed for last night at all. The Red Sox just got outpitched last night. Jake Westbrook’s stuff was phenomenal and the credit should go to him. Am I a little bit nervous about tonight’s game. Yes, a little bit but since Youk said not to panic, I won’t. So while we are waiting weather updates from the Jake today, let’s take a look at the headlines from the Boston and Cleveland area media and see why Youk says not to panic.

No time to panic. [Yooooouuuuukkkkk]

Dicey situation [Boston Globe]

Lofton’s shot recalls falls past [The Plain Dealer]

Dice-K’s not hot [Boston Herald]

Ortiz, Ramirez go quiet in night [Akron Beacon Journal]

By Josh, Francona Should Alter Rotation [Hartford Courant]

They’ve made their bed, but will they die in it? [Pro Jo]

Veteran Wakefield is game for this start [Boston Globe]

A scene and a feeling [The Plain Dealer]

Papi on wounded knee [Boston Herald]

Fox Sports broadcasters an improvement over TBS [Akron Beacon Journal]

Wakefield Making Last Start? [Hartford Courant]

Francona, Varitek stay upbeat despite Dice-K’s latest struggle [Pro Jo]

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