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Well with the Mitchell Report coming out on Thursday, you would have expected the players from the Red Sox to be quiet about the situation given that no current player on the roster was involved. Yes, Brendan Donnelly and Eric Gagné were on the report but they weren’t accused of doing performance-enhancing drugs while members of the Red Sox.

One person from the Red Sox who was on the rumored list that was published on various media outlets and blogs included this one, had Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek’s name on it. Tek wasn’t on the subsequent report but was upset that he was even on the rumored list.

“I’d like to know where it came from, no question,” Varitek said yesterday by phone when asked if he was aware of the false report. “From what I know now, I guess (bad information) had been passed around all morning. More than anything, you’re just concerned about how something like that could happen.”

“Passing judgment on anyone before (confirmation) is a very dangerous thing to do,” Varitek said. “I mean, how many times have we had to deal with questions about this topic? How many times have you had to answer questions about other people without really knowing, and then you’re the one thrown on a list? That’s why, when addressing questions about other people, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt.”

Curt Schilling also spoke out on the Mitchell Report and added that he turned down a request to be interviewed by Mitchell and his henchman. He also said that it was hard to fathom that one of his idols, Roger Clemens, was included in the report.

“It’s just when you spend, for me, 20 years of my career [were] spent idolizing somebody and seeing that person thrown on to the carpet here, like I said, I’m hoping to hear a very large legal team has been assembled and that Roger is suing everybody,” said Schilling. “Short of that, I guess I’m bummed a little bit about the fact that it is what it is.”

Personally, I would like to see the ones named on the list either admit they did it, as some have already, or deny the accusations and take some sort of legal action to protect their name. For a guy like Brian Roberts who was included in the report due to hearsay evidence, it’s going to kill his name and reputation in this game. For a guy like Varitek, just being in the rumored list caused him problems and he didn’t deserve that. The fallout of this is just getting started and my best guess is that it will be worse.

If you think about it for a second, Michael Vick and Barry Bonds both denied ever doing anything wrong as well as Marion Jones. Vick is in jail for the next 23 months while Bonds is facing a perjury charges in a federal court. Jones has been banned from track and field for life and have to give up her Olympic medals that she earned while using performance-enhancing drugs. So if you did them admit it. If you didn’t protect your reputation and do some thing about it.

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