We all remember the movie ‘Rudy’ and the great speech Charles S. Dutton’s character gave to Sean Astin aka “Rudy” when he was thinking about quitting the football team. Well during last night’s episode of ‘My Name is Earl’, Dutton recreated that speech but this time it was given to Jason Lee’s character ‘Earl’.

[dailymotion 4AqAe9HyzDyQUdjkx nolink]

To me what made the scene was when the “dockers” came into the Mr Waadt’s office and wanted to buy appliances to help Earl reach his total of $5,000 in sales. It was just like the movie when the captains of the Notre Dame football team walked into Coach Dan Devine’s office and gave up their spots on the roster. Oddly enough, Astin was in the show as a salesperson and Mr. Waadt was played by Chelcie Ross, who played Devine in the movie.

This is the clip from ‘Rudy’.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=J_2vuIQ1f5M [/youtube]

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