College of Southern Idaho EaglesNate Miles will be playing college basketball this season, just not in a UConn Huskies uniform as we already know.

After being expelled from UConn a few weeks ago, Miles is now enrolled at the College of Southern Idaho to play basketball. He will be eligible to start playing in the second semester for the Eagles.

“We looked into Nate’s situation and saw an opportunity for him to play for us in the second semester,” CSI coach Steve Gosar said. “Nate really wants to play this year. He said if an opportunity was there for him to play, that’s what he wanted. We have an open scholarship.”

Miles will be taking a full course load at CSI and will take online classes to catch up since he’s been out of school for nearly a month now.

Unfortunately for Miles, a return to UConn could be out of the question as his appeal was rejected. He has one last shot to gain re-admittance to UConn when he’ll go in front of the UConn Board of Trustees sometime in November.