Mike Vrabel was fined $5,000 by the NFL for the late hit in the game against Cleveland. Browns OL Eric Steinbach accused Vrabel of diving at his knees.

Randy Moss on Tom Brady, who is on pace for 56 TD passes to break Peyton Manning’s single season TD pass record of 49.

“I’ve always been a big fan of his. I’ve always had the saying that Peyton Manning has his wide receivers, why can’t Tom have his?” said Moss.

“Now that Tom has his, we’ll see.”

Brady is completing 72.5 percent of his passes, which could shatter Ken Anderson’s completion record of 70.55 set in 1982.

Did you know that Brady conducts a players only meeting every week the day before the game? It involves all the receivers and quarterbacks and no coaches are allowed. He feels it puts everyone on the same page for the game.

When Terrell Owens was asked about Moss after the game, the “original 81” said “next question”. At least they think he did he was too busy eating popcorn.

This week the Patriots play the winless Dolphins in Miami and it seems the Fish maybe already giving up. Today they traded their best wide receiver Chris Chambers to the San Diego Chargers for a 2nd round draft pick in the 2008 draft. Chambers made the Pro-Bowl in 2005 when he caught 11 TD passes and had 1,118 receiving yards.

Speaking of Miami, Dolphins QB Trent Green says he hopes to play again despite his second severe concussion in 13 months. Green has been out since October 7th when he got hit in the head trying to make a block. Green is unsure when he would return to action but he did partake in Monday’s walk through.

The Tampa Buy Buccaneers hope they solved their running back issue they acquired Michael Bennett from Kansas City for two draft choices.

The Arizona Cardinals who have lost both Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner to injuries and now have Tim Rattay starting at quarterback have added former Giants QB Tim Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck’s brother Matt is the starting QB in Seattle and their father, Don played for the Patriots. His wife Elisabeth is part of “The View” on weekdays on ABC-TV.

Despite a 1-5 start NY Jets head coach (and snitch) Eric Mangini is sticking with Chad Pennington as his QB as the media and fans calls for Kellen Clemens to be given a chance. If he doesn’t smarten up Pennington will be the cause of running Mangini out of town after two years. Hey Jets fans, how smart does he look now??

And some good news from the Buffalo Bills, TE Kevin Everett has been able to walk some as part of his rehab. Doctors are optimistic that once his rehab is complete Everett will regain his ability to walk independently.