Just saw this on Extra Bases. The Red Sox have called up Jon Lester to start tomorrow’s game against the Cleveland Indians. Julian Tavarez will go to the bullpen. The Red Sox will make a roster move after the game and the speculation is Javier Lopez will be sent back to Pawtucket after the game since he has minor league options left.

“We want to win games so bad,” Francona said, “but I can’t say there won’t be some emotion involved when he gets to take the mound. I think his folks are going to be there, which I’m sure for them will be extra special.

“I think talking to Jon, he just wants to win the game. I think he’s got that attitude, he’s already been through this enough and answered the questions, I’m sure he’ll have to answer them again, but he just wants to win baseball games. He’s pretty refreshing, pretty remarkable for a kid that age.”

What went into the decision to summon him back?

“So much did,” Francona said. “We’ve been staying up on this kid, I think it’s pretty evident, all year. Where we thought he was, what needed to happen, what’s best for him, what’s best for us. I think we got to a point where we thought this might be in his best interest and ours.

“It’ll be interesting to see how he does. We’re excited. We’ve had a lot of conversations with a lot of people, trying to do the right thing.”

Francona was asked if it was tough to separate the baseball from the emotion during the process.

“No, it wasn’t, we didn’t let it be, ever, or he would have been here three months ago. We never let that get away of our decisions. I wouldn’t apologize to be crazy about a kid like Lester. I would be crazy not to. We don’t ever let that get in the way of making decisions.”

This is a huge step for Lester who just under a year ago was diagnosed with cancer. I am sure it will be an emotional night for Lester but it will be very nice to see him back in Boston with the boys.