A large moving truck was parked outside Fenway Park for workers to load the Red Sox’ gear onto to transport it to spring training. Fans gathered later in the morning to send the truck off with cheers.

Despite the fact that it is now snowing lightly outside my humbly abode, Truck Day for the Boston Red Sox is a like a New England holiday.

For us up here, it means spring is close, meaning warmer weather. Oh wait, who am I kidding. We live in New England where you really never know what the weather is going to be like.

In all seriousness though, for Red Sox fans, it's the unofficial start of the 2013 season. And with players already already in camp working out, it's time for us fans to go into baseball mode, at least somewhat.

After last year's sh!tshow and the debacle the year before, let's hope 2013 is a season of turnaround. Because frankly I don't know how much more heartbreak from this franchise I can take.

Red Sox Truck Day 2013 photo gallery

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photo credit: marie torto – boston.com