Toes Before Hoes - Rex Ryan

According to Deadspin, New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker made 11 foot references during his press conference on Thursday afternoon. You may remember they were the ones to break the whole Rex Ryan foot fetish scandal back in late December.

Watch below to see what I mean.


Earlier in the week, the New York Jets head coach took a few shots at Patriots QB Tom Brady and also head coach Bill Belichick, who responded back that he won’t be drawn into it and told the Patriots to keep their mouths shut. Then of course there is Jets cornerback Antonio, I lost count of how many kids I have, Cromartie saying he hates Brady and thinks he’s an ass****.

So with Belichick saying the Patriots stay focused on winning and then Welker’s press conference on Thursday, do you think he may have been taking a few shots at Ryan for the whole foot fetish thing?

Yeah I thought so too.

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