Matt Cassel unloads against the Dolphins.  Getty Photo.

After dismantling the Miami Dolphins 48-28 in a trash talking, belligerent, fist throwing effort last Sunday in Miami, the Patriots move onto their next opponent the hated black and gold of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Outside of the AFC East the Steelers and the Colts rank up their as rivals on the Patriots list and lately the Patriots have gotten the best of Pittsburgh having only lost once in the six meetings.  Last year it even got ugly in a 34-13 win at Gillette as Tom Brady and Company shredded the Steelers defense.  This year though it’s a different story, the Pittsburgh defense is #1 in points allowed, rushing yards, passing yards and total yards allowed and last New England saw Brady he was serving Thanksgiving dinner at Goodwill HQ in Roxbury with Gisele as he recovers from his season ending injury.

If you missed it you can get all the info you need on the Steelers – Patriots game by checking out the Official Sox & Dawgs Steelers – Patriots Week 13 preview.  It has the rosters, injury report, the game line, some tailgating information for recipes and drink’s and the broadcast information for the game.

So as we wait for the live blog to begin just before game time it’s time to hit you with some tidbits from the week.

After a freak injury, three surgeries because of that injury, being in a wheelchair and shutting out the outside world, former Patriots WR David Givens, is finally returning back to his normal self.

Patriots DE Richard Seymour says the game plan is to be ready for Sunday.

Rookie LB Vince Redd played the part of Joey Porter in practice last week and it even came with trash talking.

Speaking of Porter the league also handed him a fine for “verbally abusing an opponent after the play was over”.

Patriots OL Matt Light avoided a suspension for his fight with Dolphins LB Channing Crowder.

ESPN’s Tim Graham wonders if Matt Cassel can put up 400 yards on Pittsburgh.

In a division full of talkers, Bill Belichick doesn’t believe in the rah-rah pep talk to motivate his players.

New England will look to improve its red zone defense.

The Steelers last five games are no cakewalk.

Matt Cassel was the AFC Offensive Player of the Week for the second time this year.

The Globe’s Mike Reiss has his Bits from Belichick and a few minutes with Patriots S Ray Ventrone.

The Hall at Patriot Place has a few new items for display.