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Welcome to our new feature here at Sox and Dawgs. After taking to Ian, well swapping emails with him, we felt that a lot of Sox fans are also Patriots fans. We have no idea what the percentage is but hey who cares. If you’re a fan of another NFL team I’m sure there is some sort of cool blog for you too. Somewhere.

What I (I imagine for the most part it will be me) will try to do is just bring you the tidbits from Patriots each week. During training camp we will probably do it once a week, maybe twice depending on ability to generate content. During the season I envision some notes a few days before the game on the upcoming victim and then some sort of game recap with the Patriots Stud/Gelding of the Game.

If you want to jump on board and make suggestions or just debate what I wrote feel free. Put them in the comments or email them to Ian by using the tips link near the top of the page. Just two other quickies before I take my leave, that sweet logo at the top of the page was a creation of Ian and myself..pretty cool huh? And if you don’t know by know I have a twisted David Letterman/Jon Stewart -esque sense of humor so make sure you run your little pointer thingy these great machines have over the pics in my articles you just may start laughing or at very least ask what I’m drinking and if you can join me.

In this edition I am bringing you the list of victims for 2007 and the training camp schedule for the next few days. Keep in mind if you are heading to Foxboro for camp check out Patriots.com for the latest info on any schedule changes or cancellations. And while you’re there, well if you go, make sure you check out the Patriots Pro Shop. It’s just stockpiled with goodness.

2007 Patriots Schedule

Head Coach Bill Belichick

Sunday, Sep 9 – @ NY Jets, 1:00 PM ET

Sunday, Sep 16 – SAN DIEGO, 8:15 PM ET

Sunday, Sep 23 – BUFFALO, 1:00 PM ET

Monday, Oct 1 – @ Cincinnati, 8:30 PM ET

Sunday, Oct 7 – CLEVELAND 1:00 PM ET

Sunday, Oct 14 – @ Dallas, 4:15 PM ET

Sunday, Oct 21 – @ Miami, 1:00 PM ET

Sunday, Oct 28 – WASHINGTON, 4:15 PM ET

Sunday, Nov 4 – @ Indianapolis, 4:15 PM ET

Sunday, Nov 11 – BYE WEEK

Sunday, Nov 18 – @ Buffalo, 1:00 PM ET

Sunday, Nov 25 – PHILADELPHIA, 8:15 PM ET

Monday, Dec 3 – @ Baltimore, 8:30 PM ET

Sunday, Dec 9 – PITTSBURGH, 1:00 PM ET

Sunday, Dec 16 – NY JETS, 1:00 PM ET

Sunday, Dec 23 – MIAMI, 1:00 PM ET

Saturday, Dec 29 – @ NY Giants, 8:15 PM ET


Division Games in Bold

2006 Record: 12-4 Lost AFC Championship Game

Training Camp Schedule

Monday August 6th – 630p – 830p In Stadium practice open to SEASON TICKET HOLDERS ONLY

Tuesday August 7th – 230p – 430p

Wednesday August 8th – 845a – 1045a and 530p – 730p

It's good to be king.

Tom Brady celebrated his 30th birthday on Friday. Happy belated birthday to the “King of New England”.