The new NFL season kicks off in March, and it’s already shaping up to be just as exciting as the last. With teams across the United States ready to do battle next month, they’ve all got decisions to make in terms of draft picks and whether they try to rebuild their sides to compete with the top. Which teams have a chance of bettering their achievements next year but, more importantly, which teams can really compete with the best to give them a chance of battling in the Super Bowl next year? Let’s have a look at some of the sides that could be the surprise packages.

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The Seahawks had a torrid 2017 and missed out on the playoffs for the first time in more than 7 years. Nothing went right for them on and off the field and so we look at 2018 as a fresh, new start for the Seahawks to build on their past achievements. The Seahawks have plenty of decisions to make before that happens, though. They’ll not only need to rebuild their roster to keep within their financial budgets, but they might be forced to get rid of some of their top earners, because they’re going to cost more than $30 million to retain. Will the Seahawks have an unforgettable 2018 or will it be much like last season which they’d rather forget? Look at to see their chances in this upcoming season.


The Vikings had an unexpected good season thanks to Case Keenum and his 67.6% pass success rate, and along with his 22 touchdowns. The Vikings also have several decisions to make to ensure they can replicate their successes last season. Do they stick with Keenum in the hope he can build on his achievements last year? Or will they take a risk and offload him because they don’t think he has the quality to do it again? They might want to offer him a short deal to see what he can do and whether he’s consistent, and then a long deal once he’s proved his worth. Either way, the Vikings had an excellent season, although they were carried a bit through Keenum.


John Elway wasn’t happy with his quarterback’s efforts last season and he knows too well he needs another to get the touchdowns the Broncos need to compete with the top. However, what the Broncos do have is a good defensive line-up, and if they can get a class transfer in terms of a quarterback before the new season kicks off in March, they are a team with a chance of getting somewhere next season.

The likes of the Pittsburgh’s and Raiders all have some trimming down to do if they are to compete next year, but they also have a chance of doing something special next season. The Broncos, Seahawks and Vikings all have the quality to progress this year, but they have multiple decisions to make in their rosters, and they need to decide on whether it’s viable to keep what they have or be out with the old and in with the new.