What Will Mahomes Do Now?

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has already won a MVP award, a Super Bowl ring, and a Super Bowl MVP — and he’s only 24 years old. Who knows where his next triumph might be. Perhaps, in his time off he might enjoy a little gaming at places like Tuan Poker Agen Poker Online Indonesia. He’s the definition of a gunslinger, and he’s looked exactly like the quarterback he was once compared to coming out of Texas Tech — except a better, more mobile version.

Mahomes, with his cannon for an arm, due to his baseball background, never shies away from throwing into coverage — even if trying to fit the ball into a tight window. In that sense, he’s very similar to Favre, who never really saw a passing opportunity he didn’t like.

This side-by-side video comparison shows just how alike the two were.


XFL Picking Up where the NFL Left Off

XFL players took a very clean approach to their playing style and attitude on opening weekend, for the most part, and it made for a great product, which fans enjoyed tuning in to watch.

But not everyone followed the script, though, unfortunately.

Tampa Bay Vipers defensive lineman Ricky Walker sure didn’t, after getting into it with a New York Guardians player at the end of a play during Sunday’s game. It started with some arguing, but Walker took it to the next level by punching his counterpart in the face.

That outburst earned Walker an ejection, and he might be looking at a small fine as well, as the first XFL’er to be ejected from a game thus far.

J-E-T-S: Jets, Jets, Jets

The Jets started off their 2019 campaign with a 1-8 record, but the team did play a bit better when Sam Darnold returned at quarterback, and they also caught some breaks along he way, finishing 7-9.

Still, ownership has kept its faith in head coach Adam Gase, who was not fired, and is on track to return next season. But a former Jets player doesn’t believe he should get the chance.

Former NFL cornerback Antonio Cromartie played for the Jets from 2010-13, as well as 2015, and he clearly is not a believer in Gase. He ripped into the Jets head coach in speaking to TMZ Sports, and also advocated for the team to bring in Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy instead.

“When you don’t give your running back the ball in the second half of a game, it shows that you’re trying to say you don’t need him,” Cromartie said. “I think Le’Veon Bell’s a great running back and he’s gonna do the things he needs to do, whether it’s with the Jets or somebody else. He just needs to be with somebody who respects him as a player and respects what he can do.”

And then came the support for Bienemy.

“I’d go get Eric Bienemy,” he said. “He’s had seven interviews for head-coaching jobs, and he’s 0-for-7 right now, so hopefully within the next year or so he gets one.”

[protected-iframe id=”cf5a53ae0539e915ff4c5f5a50e0ed86-142507471-18702721″ info=”https://share.tmz.com/videos/020120-antonio-cromartie-4723006-0-7b1t1kcm/” width=”560″ height=”395″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

He’s likely not alone in feeling that way, either.