Do you ever feel like your memory is slipping? As humans age, their brain begins to age as well. The brain is one of the most complex organs in the human body. It plays a major role in the overall functionality of your body. It tells your lungs when to inhale and exhale, heart to beat, and digestive system it is time to eat. All these functionalities are important for survival, which is why it is so important to protect your brain. There are several activities to keep your brain healthy and functioning properly. Playing games, eating nutritional food, and drinking the recommended daily allowance of water are just a few examples. Focusing on games and the brain, it is possible to fight short-term memory loss. Below, you will discover a list of games to improve your memory, regardless of age.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Evidence shows jigsaw puzzles may improve memory. In fact, jigsaw puzzles are highly recommended by medical professionals across the globe. Each move requires extreme concentration, which is where the memory improvement comes into play. Not everyone is a fan of jigsaw puzzles because they seem to take forever to complete. Fortunately, most manufacturers offer a variety of puzzles in various sizes. Puzzles with less than 300 pieces are ideal for one person, 500 and 1,000 pieces are more suitable for groups.

Crossword Puzzles

Are you a Sunday paper crossword player? If so, you may want to increase your crosswords playtime by several puzzles per week. Crossword puzzles are not only good for memory but also a great form of entertainment. If you spend a lot of time being bored, you should incorporate crossword puzzles in your daily routine? There is a lot to gain by playing crosswords. 

Crossword puzzles are available in a variety of difficulty levels. Depending on your knowledge of terms and their definitions, you could make a great crossword player. In the meantime, you are helping your brain fight again short-term memory loss.


Concentration is a card game that requires players to find and match pairs. The matching card game is great for all age groups. Plus, it does not require any special equipment, just a deck of cards. The rules are fairly simple, just flip over two cards until you find a match. This process continues until every card in the deck is paired. You can also improve your memory playing Judi Online Pulsa.

Math Games

Math games have also been shown to improve memory in all age groups. There is nothing special about math games, as you just need a variety of equations, a pencil, and paper. If your knowledge of addition and subtraction is good, you may get by without scribbling on paper. 

Math games have a variety of benefits, including a great form of entertainment. Solving equations can also help you learn how to count better, without pencil and paper. If you are dedicated to solving math problems, you could also see some improvement in your memory. When you are forced to learn the answers to simple math, you will also improve your memory.