The apps on this list have the highest ratings from users and the largest number of downloads in the marketplace. Here are they, curated from

1. Nike Training Club

From the makers of top of the line sportswear comes this neat and useful app that allows athletes and sportsmen to get their own personal trainer. Nike Training Club app contains over 100 custom-built workouts that allow you to get a lean, mean and toned body. Not only that, you can unlock exclusive workouts of famous athletes and sports personalities like Serena Williams and Hope Solo. It also comes with calorie data that enables you to keep check on carb intake. Additional features include:

2. Workout Trainer

This is another professional and comprehensive app that can help athletes in their workout routine and stay in tip top shape with many free workout programs. Workout Trainer provides you with your very own qualified personal trainers that direct you through workout routines with step by step instructions. Additional features include:

Informative multimedia that describes the complete workout routine in depth.
Option to customize and modify workouts from your Android.
Share your fitness routine with friends on the social media circle.
Motivate yourself with your favorite music tracks.
Explore and socialize with exercisers you like on the app community.

3. Cardio Trainer

No matter what kind of athlete you are, cardio exercises and training is essential. From footballers to track runners, cardio related workout is imperative in building stamina. The Cardio Trainer lets you build your inner strength with 20 levels of highly complex interval training. It also comes with a 30-day refund guarantee so you can be sure to make it worth every penny. You can go ahead to use your device to access leroi johnny casino en ligne for games that’ll help you relax.

4. Diet & Food Tracker

Want to become a fit and healthy athlete? Then the Diet & Food Tracker app will help you in keeping track of your diet and fitness routine with ease and convenience.
Additional features include:

Huge database of more than 2 million foods and their calorie count.
The fitness tracker will allow you to keep track of the number of calories burned with each exercise routine.
Comprehensive weight & calorie information.
Informative articles on diet plans and how to stay healthy.

5. Circuit Training Assistant Pro

Finding time to work out can be difficult sometimes. Those who have difficulty in scheduling time to exercise can benefit from this particular Android app. Circuit Training Assistant Pro is a complete body training and resistance building app that allows you to build up your physical and muscular fortitude. You will find several short yet intense workouts that will enable you to increase your metabolism and help in cutting down the calories.