Stuck for something to do in your spare time? Fed up of always going to a restaurant or watching a movie with friends?

Next time you’re planning your next social get-together, why not play paintball? The country has more than 1,700 paintball fields, but it is an activity that’s often overlooked!

Paintball is a great way to blow off some steam with friends and a perfect activity for big events such as a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Want to know the benefits of playing paintball? Check out the top nine reasons below. 

1. You Get to Spend Time With Loved Ones

Let’s face it, after more than a year of social distancing and isolation; we’re all craving some social time. 

Paintball is a great excuse for you to meet up and hang out. If you plan an exciting activity, it’s more likely people will turn up. Paintball is also not the most common social activity, so you can impress your friends by suggesting it.

The more people playing, the more challenging it becomes, so gather a big group of all your friends and family and get a game organized! 

2. Play Paintball For Fun 

Of all the paintball benefits, this is one the most important! Paintball is a great way to have a laugh with your friends, blow off some steam and relax. 

When you run around a field shooting colored pellets at each other at some point, you’ll realize how ridiculous you look. This is bound to put a smile on your face! 

3. It’s Stress-Busting 

Spending time with friends and family is proven to reduce stress and help lower blood pressure.

The combination of physical activity, disconnect from real life, and adrenaline is all fantastic stress busters. 

4. You Spend Time Outdoors

Many paintball fields are outside. Instead of spending your spare time in a stuffy mall or movie theatre, you can embrace the great outdoors!

Spending time outside is another great way to kill stress and make you feel more calm and relaxed. Being outdoors is one of the best ways to boost your mood, and the more time you spend outside, the better your mental health. 

5. It Teaches You Strategy

The game itself involves some tactical and strategic thinking. If you want your team to win (which you do!), you need to think of ways to catch them off guard. 

Paintball is like a mini-battle, with both teams pretending they are in combat. If you’ve ever wanted a taste of what it’s like to be in the army, paintball is for you. 

If you can think of ways to outsmart the other team, you will feel satisfied and rewarded. But best of all, your team will win! 

6. Great for Team Building 

Due to the strategic thinking and creation of tactics required, you need to work as a team. Playing paintball isn’t an individual game; you work together to beat your opponents. 

It’s a great game if you want to work at team-building and can be a fun way for colleagues to bond if they don’t know each other that well. Communication is key to mastering the game, so you’ll need to work on communicating effectively with your teammates.

7. An Excellent Form of Exercise

Running around, ducking to dodge paint, hiding in small nooks are all part of the fun of paintball. 

You will surely be worn out after a paintball game! It can take up to 4 hours to complete a game; that’s a lot of cardio! 

During a paintball game, you will be having so much fun and thinking about your next move so much; you won’t even realize you’re exercising. A far more exhilarating and silly way to get your exercise than going to the gym! 

8. Adrenaline and Excitement

Why play paintball? There’s nothing more exciting than hitting your target and successfully dodging a bullet. This will both give you a boost of adrenaline that very few sports can provide. 

Paintballing is safe; you wear all the correct safety equipment, so you are protected. Not many high adrenaline-inducing sports allow you to keep your feet on the ground.

When you learn how to play paintball well, it can be very rewarding to see your strategies pay off!

9. You Can Act Like a Kid

Playing paintball can take you back to childhood! Being silly, having fun running about a field, holding a toy gun in your hand.

It’s a time to take life less seriously and enjoy the feeling of letting loose and acting like you aren’t the responsible adult you are! 

Paintball Tips

To be successful in a paintball game, you need to think on your feet, be on the move all the time and constantly suss out your surroundings. 

Don’t take the game too seriously, and don’t make any moves that could put you or your co-players at risk. 

Think strategically, keep well hidden when you see opponents passing and try to catch them using the element of surprise. If you successfully work with your team, you’ll all be able to take up strategic positions on the battlefield! 

Use a site such as to grab some equipment to keep you safe on the field. 

Most Importantly, Have fun!

As much as winning is an important aspect of the game, the most important thing when you play paintball is enjoying yourself! 

The person winning is the one having the most fun! Don’t take it too seriously; let yourself relax, laugh, and enjoy the process. 

A fantastic way to blow off some steam and have a great time with the people you love to spend time with. When are you giving paintballing a try?

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