After a year in which the Duke lacrosse team had to deal with a rape scandal, they have finally returned to the field. That’s right, their first practice of the season was today.

Using the words of Dickie V, the Dukies were coming into the 2006 season with high hopes after playing for the NCAA title in 2005 til that one fateful night in March where a stripper “claimed” to have been raped. After her allegations came to fruition, the Dukies season was cancelled.

The charges of rape have been dropped against the three players but they still have other charges pending against them. Also, the DA who prosecuted the case is in big trouble in North Carolina and will probably be disbarred.

Given the circumstances that have surrounded this team and the constant media attention that they will receive, I am sure it will all take its toll on the players. I do wish them the best of luck in the upcoming season and hope to see them in the NCAA’s again.

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