Once in a while it is nice to step away from the sports world for a bit and look at the major happenings in the entertainment world. Don’t fret though, I am not changing the type of blog I write. If you read the top, it says that I write about news of the weird. And of course, a lot of things celebrities do are weird.

Seems as though there might be another American Idol scandal involving some semi-nude photos of one of the contestants, Antonella Barba. These photos may cost her her shot on American Idol. There is no word out of Hollywood yet on this though. I won’t post the pictures here but I will direct you over to a site that has them up right now. There are 5 pages of pictures. Click here to see.

In Britney Spears news, she is still in rehab. ExtraTV is reporting that ex-hubby, Kevin Federline, paid her a visit at the rehab facility on Friday. Good luck to you Britney in your recovery.

The Anna Nicole Smith saga just gets stranger day by day. Just one day after appearing with the “fathers” of her grandchild, Anna’s mother, Virgie Arthur filed a stay on the judge’s orders from Thursday requesting that the coroner not release the body til they can file their appeal. Unfortunately for them, they filed it late in the day and Judge Larry Seidlin had gone home or to the golf course for the day. I’d assume he went home only because of the daily 4:30 PM showers in Florida.

The court case now moves to the Bahamas as Larry Birkhead’s lawyers have filed a paternity suit there and the case will be heard on Monday. Also, Arthur has filed a custody order against the weirdo, Howard K. Stern, saying that she could provide a more stable environment for Dannielynn. Also, the house she is living in was not hers supposedly and that matter will also be in court Monday. With Bahamian law being different, it will be interesting to see how this all pans out. Unfortunately for the viewing public, we won’t be able to see any of the court proceedings. You will have to rely on the news media and blogosphere to get your updates.

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