The State of Connecticut is full of long suffering Hartford Whalers fans, like Ian and myself.  For those of you who aren’t aware the Whalers left town in 1997 when Carpetbagger Peter Karmanos, who had come from Michigan and bought the team, moved it to North Carolina and re-named them the Carolina Hurricanes.  It’s a move that still stings.

In fact after disparaging the ‘Canes head d-bag in a tweet I heard from one of his cousins who tried to inform me what a generous and nice guy Karmanos is.  I told her I felt sorry for her due to the relation and reiterated that he is still hated and despised in CT.

But I digress, the fact is many of us still love the Whalers and threw my new friend Brittany Auerbach who runs the BA Loves the Whalers blog come these two items.

First are Hartford Whalers sneakers designed on a pair of Nike Air Jordan Retro 1.  Uber cool high tops in Whalers colors rocking the Whalers logo.  Nice.

Hartford Whalers Air Jordan Retro 1

Brass Bonanza Plays Again: How Hockey’s Strangest Goon Brought Back Mark Twain and a Dead Team—and Made a City Believe AgainThe second item on the Whale is a book written by Andover MA resident, Robert Muldoon.  Muldoon worked his way through his college years and early twenty’s by working part-time for the Whalers.  Most of his duties consisted of driving the new cars on ice between periods for promotions.  His book: Brass Bonanza Plays Again: How Hockey’s Greatest Goon Brought Back Mark Twain and a Dead Team – And Made a City Believe Again was published in January of this year.

The book which took nine years to write, “is a mix of real characters such as Ron Francis, Kevin Dineen and Ulf Samuelsson along side a fictional goon who goes from being homeless and living under a bridge to center ice with a reunited Whalers team”.

While working for the club he even wrote articles for the Sunday Hartford Courant and Goal Magazine. Muldoon worked for the team from 1984-1994 and was heartbroken when the Carpetbagger run away to Carolina with his favorite team.  When the team left he even attended the “Irish Wake” with the city journalists at a local bar.

He is selling his Book through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Photo credit: Casey Custom Sneakers, Andover Patch