UCONN Athletic Director, Jeff Hathaway announced today that the UCONN men’s basketball game on Friday night vs Central Arkansas will be webcast live on uconnhuskies.com. This will be the first live broadcast of a UCONN sporting event on the web.

This was something I had been thinking about writing. This year, three of the men’s games are not going to be televised. The game this Friday vs Central Arkansas, Dec 3rd vs Texas Southern, and Dec 27th vs Coppin State. Meanwhile on the women’s schedule, all of their games will be broadcast on television.

It’s interesting to me how a major men’s program does not have all of it’s games televised. One would think given the past success of the program and probably the tremendous ad revenue generated by the men’s program that a local television station here in Connecticut wouldn’t pick up the game. The women’s team, on the other hand, has all of the games not picked up nationally broadcast locally on CPTV. Granted CPTV does fundraising to be able to fund the games, but it works for them. They usually end up getting a corporate sponsor to match what they need to produce the game and still collect contributions to match the initial donation. This has worked for them in years past because now all the games for the UCONN women are televised.

The time is now for the local television stations here in Connecticut to step up to the plate and pick up the last two games for the men’s team.