The 2014 UConn Huskies football season has already started and with the first game coming up this Friday night against BYU, I wanted to announce the plans here on the site for the week and how the season will work.

This week, we will have Breaking Bread with Bob (recap of his pregame press conference) as well as features on OL Gus Cruz, TE Sean McQuillan, the culture change under head coach Bob Diaco, what strength and conditioning coach Matt Balis has meant to the team and my prediction for the 2014 season.

You’ll have noticed a little of change so far this season as we’ve moved to a more digital media approach with videos. We’re still going to do regular posts with writing but you’ll also see a little more video posts as well.

When the two-deep depth chart is released, usually on Monday night or Tuesday morning of a regular game week, we will post that. On Tuesdays of a regular game week, we’ll have the Breaking Bread with Bob recap of his pregame press conference. Two days before the game, we’ll have our preview of the game. After the games, we’ll have a recap of the game as well as photos and videos (home games only on those two). We’ll also have videos and posts during the week as well.