Boston Red Sox pitcher John Smoltz throws during spring training workouts at the team's practice facility in Ft. Myers, Florida February 22, 2009.   REUTERS/Hans Deryk  (UNITED STATES)

According to a report by Maureen Mullen of the Daily Item via Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe,  Boston Red Sox pitcher John Smoltz visited Dr. James Andrews after suffering a setback on his surgically-repaired right shoulder.

“I don’t know what that (the setback) was,” Smoltz told The Item. “I was going really fast, not faster than normal, but fast in a pace that I was exceedingly achieving each goal. And maybe there for a little bit it was my body’s way of saying slow down a little bit. It almost was supposed to happen earlier, based on protocol. It just happened a little later.”

Smoltz hadn’t visited Andrews since joining the Red Sox, but said about the peace of mind, “I needed that part. Everyone needs that part. This is new for me. I could say that if I had an elbow surgery tomorrow, that I would know how to come back from that a lot greater than I would a shoulder surgery. But the ability to come back is not a foreign process. It’s just something that takes a lot of mind over matter. There’s no easy process and there’s no formula that’s perfect for everybody.”

No one ever wants to hear those three words (Dr. James Andrews) but it’s good to hear that nothing is structurally wrong with the right shoulder of Smoltz. We can definitely use him and the experience he brings as the Red Sox make another run towards another World Series title.

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