For those of you who didn’t know this, a UCONN student, Carlee Wines, was struck early last Saturday morning on campus. She passed away from her injuries on Monday morning at Hartford Hospital. The person driving the car has not been found. If you have any information, you are asked to call the UCONN Police.

This is a letter from her parents. Below the letter, you will find the news broadcast of the incident and also a tribute video to her. My condolences go out to her family and friends.

From: The Parents of Carlee Wines

First of all we would like to thank Family, Friends and UConn students for their tremendous and continuous support we are receiving during this horrific tragedy. Also we commend the UConn Police Department for their diligent efforts in this on-going investigation.

We are living through a parent’s worst nightmare. For those who ever met our daughter Carlee, even for a second, knew that she was a special young lady and that in some way touched each and every one of their hearts. We are now praying for the help of the great state of Connecticut. For the person that was operating the vehicle YOU HAVE TAKEN OUR PRECIOUS DAUGHTER FROM THIS WORLD. WE PRAY AND BEG FOR YOU TO NOW TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. To the passengers in the vehicle we pray and beg to you to be responsible and come forth with information to the Police Department. To any one that may have seen this vehicle on campus or in the area or have a suspicion we pray and beg to you to contact the UConn Police Department. We and all who knew Carlee will be forever Thankful.

Again we thank all for their support and prayers.

Carlee you will be missed.


The Parents of Carlee Wines

UPDATE: UCONN Police set roadblocks up on Saturday near the site of the accident looking for details and leads towards the finding the coward. Students and police have put flyers around campus as well. The wake was held on Sunday the 28th and buses of UCONN students made the trip to pay their respects. She will be buried on January 29th in New Jersey.