I know what you’re thinking. Another crappy outing by Julian Tavarez. I’ll bet you’re wishing Jon Lester was pitching in Boston instead of Pawtucket. Well I am sure that you and millions of others in Red Sox Nation are thinking the same thing as Yo-Yo’s crapalicious outing last night. I am not sure he really had any good innings because he threw a lot of pitches in his 4+ innings of work. Then after legging out a double, J.D. Drew has to leave the game at the end of the inning with hamstring tightness. Ahh the mysterious powers of Friday the 13th. To top it off, Brendan Donnelly had to be scratched from his rehab appearance with forearm tightness. All these happenings have me thinking back to last year when the Sox had a lead in the division, although it’s quite larger this season. Are we going to be disappointed again this season? I don’t think so. Or at least I hope not. Anyways I am sure you don’t want to hear me rambling on and on, so let’s take a look at the headlines from the Boston area and Toronto media on this beautiful Saturday morning here in Red Sox Nation.

Sox Come Up Short. [Hartford Courant]

Hot Rios does it all as Jays edge Sox. [Toronto Star]

Standing still. [Boston Globe]

Jays pull down Red Sox. [Toronto Sun]

Sox manage their loss, stay in good standing. [Boston Herald]

Rios a feel-good story for fans. [Toronto Star]

Sox can’t make final comeback. [Pro Jo]

Schilling buoyed after side session. [Boston Globe]

Lugo won’t break. [Boston Herald]

Drew top-of-the-line hitter. [Boston Globe]

Timlin looks like old self. [Boston Herald]

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