schill613.jpgBefore I start this post, I just want to apologize to all the readers out there who come by to see what’s happened with the night’s previous Sox game. After doing our two radio shows last night, I suddenly didn’t feel well and ended up falling asleep on my couch. After waking up for about 10 minutes, I then passed back out til 11:30 AM. I know you don’t care probably but I feel bad about this. Don’t you worry though, you can be sure there will be a recap all the time. So without further adieu, on to the fun.

One bad pitch from Curt Schilling changed the complexion of last night’s game. Otherwise, it could have been a different result. The Boys from Beantown are scuffling a bit on offense these days. Josh Beckett takes the hill tonight before the Barry Bonds circus comes to town. Let’s take a look at what the Boston area and Denver media has to say about last night’s game.

Curt Schilling details his latest outing on his blog. [38 Pitches]

Things turned ugly for the Red Sox on Wednesday night. [Boston Globe]

Brad Hawpe’s homerun changed things for the Rox last night. [Denver Post]

The Yanks crept closer to the Red Sox with the loss last night. [Boston Herald]

Colorado treated Schilling rudely on Wednesday night. [Rocky Mountain News]

The Red Sox are heading in the wrong direction. [Hartford Courant]

Todd Helton’s double put an end to his slump. [Denver Post]

It was very quiet in the Sox clubhouse after the game. [ProJo SoxBlog]

David Ortiz is very happy to step aside for Youk. [Boston Globe]

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