Paw Prints - Men's Roundball @ SOX & Dawgs

Well the reason why Jerome Dyson and Doug Wiggins was made public in this morning’s Hartford Courant. The pair was found with bottle of both cognac and vodka in their car.

According to a statement from UConn police, officers observed a vehicle driven by Wiggins pull into the lot at 11:51 p.m. Thursday. The officers felt the occupants were acting in a suspicious manner. Officers approached the vehicle and found Dyson and Wiggins in possession of the alcohol.

Dyson was issued a citation for possession of alcohol by a minor and Wiggins was charged with the same offense plus operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license.

According to a source, it is common practice for any UConn student athlete issued a citation for an alcohol-related offense to be subject to a drug test.

UConn’s student athlete drug-testing policy, according to the student athlete handbook, is composed of three testing regimens.

•Random testing, under which random lists are generated any time during the calendar year.

•Probable cause, under which tests are performed after reasonable suspicion is formed.

•Testing of all student athletes before participation in an NCAA championship event or bowl game.

It’s obvious the players were tested and if reinstated will probably be tested for the rest of the season. I do have wonder though if they will be kicked off the team like the 5 football players were back in the 2006 season for purchasing beer while on a trip to South Florida.

To me a precedent has been set with athletes caught with alcohol at UConn. It would only be fair and right to dismiss both of them from the team. Will this happen? Probably not, but to me it is the right thing to do.