SchillingHere is a little more news on the happenings of the beloved Boston Red Sox on what is now a blustery cold afternoon here in New England.

Curt Schilling, who announced he will pitch in 2008, has come out and said that he would like to get an extension done with the Red Sox before the start of the season. Schilling’s agent, Schilling himself, has stated he doesn’t want a cloud of distractions surrounding him or the Red Sox because of his decision.

Theo Epstein, if you are reading this and are back from your honeymoon, please get a deal done with Schilling. If you’re hesitating to get a deal done because he only announced he would pitch in 2008, why not ask Curt if he wants to pitch after that. In all honesty, I’d rather see you pay Schilling than give Roger Clemens a fat contract for half the time. Schilling has given his heart and soul to this team and Red Sox Nation. It wouldn’t surprise me if Curt is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, that he will ask to go in with a Red Sox cap. He doesn’t even want a raise. So Theo as Larry the Cable Guy says, “Git-R-Done!”

Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe is reporting that J.D. Drew isn’t officially on the Red Sox 40 man roster because his contract isn’t improved by MLB. This is just a formality as it takes time for the paperwork to be processed. It is strange to me though that Drew signed his contract on Friday and Barry Bonds signed his on Monday yet Bond’s new contract was rejected by MLB. Bud Selig must like Bonds more than he does the Red Sox. Edes also makes an excellent point. “The Red Sox will have to remove someone from their 40 man roster.”

So the question is, who gets dumped? My guess is it will be 1 of the 25 pitchers on the 40 man roster.

On the arbitration front, the Red Sox still have one case remaining. That is with our 4th outfielder, Wily Mo Pena. The two sides are still far apart. Pena made $1.25 million last season and is asking for $2.2 million. The Red Sox are offering $1.725. Obviously the Sox are meeting Pena in the middle but he seems to think he is worth the full $2.2 million. Wily, you haven’t played a full season in the bigs yet and yet you want more money. You should be happy that the Red Sox would even give you a raise. In Epstein’s history as GM of the Red Sox, no player has ever gone to arbitration. So WMP, let’s keep it this way.

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