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According to UConn Huskies freshman forward Nate Miles legal guardian Sean Patterson, Miles will appeal the decision that was handed down by the University of Connecticut review board on Thursday afternoon. Miles was arrested last week after he violated a restraining order placed on him by a female student.

“I’m going to fight this thing, tooth and nail,” Patterson said. “We fought too hard to get him here. And I won’t stop at an appeal. The last I heard, this is the United States. If they want to do this, I’ll take every option for them to show me what he’s guilty of.”

Patterson also added that all the girl really wanted is an apology.

“From what I understand, the girl said she didn’t want anybody in trouble, she just wanted him to say ‘I’m sorry,'” Patterson said. “She admitted everything was consensual.”

“If he did it, I’d say ‘pack your bags, Nate, you screwed up.’ But he didn’t do it. All she wanted was an apology.”

Now let’s go back and take a look at what she said in the affidavit that brought the restraining order.

The affidavit reports multiple instances of Miles’ aggressive behavior, including digging his nails into her skin when he became angry and, on at least three occasions, making physical contact with her – one time allegedly slapping her and pushing her out of bed after she had hit him.

The statement also alleges that Miles became “extremely possessive,” and on one occasion tried to physically pressure her to have sex.

In the affidavit, the alleged victim states that on Sept. 14 she went to Miles’ dorm room and he began pressuring her for sex. At one time when she resisted, he allegedly “tapped” her in the face, according to the statement, and later dug his nails into her skin. When she hit him back, Miles “slapped me and pushed me off the bed,” the woman said in her statement.

She said she left the room and the argument continued for about 30 minutes in the hallway. Two days later, the alleged victim said she confronted Miles about the nail-digging and he said she was “weak,” according to the statement.

Yes I know he allegedly did this but be realistic here, if what she said is true in the affidavit, does she really just want an apology. If it were me or my daughter (if I had one), I’d want justice to be served and I’m sure anyone out there would feel the same way.

More people, particularly females, die from domestic abuse each year and most of the time it happens, it’s not the first time they’ve been abused. Domestic abuse is a serious issue folks. Yes there are other pressing issues out there but this is one that should not be overlooked.

It really makes me wonder if someone has gotten to her telling her that she should just want an apology so that Miles would not get kicked out of school and would still be able to be a member of the basketball team after a slap on the wrist suspension.  A lot of athletes get preferential treatment and it’s about time they make an example of one. What better time then to start now!