RIP Jasper Howard 1989-2009The arrest affidavit for John Lomax III, the person charged with the stabbing of UConn Huskies cornerback Jasper Howard, was released on Tuesday and it appears the fight started over a girl.

Redshirt freshman wide receivers Brian Parker and A.J. Portee made some remarks about a girl and were confronted by Johnny Hood, who was also arrested on charges of interfering with an officer and breach of peace. The police had come onto the scene and tried to clear up the mess.

Meanwhile, witnesses state that Lomax and Hakim Hakim Muhammad, who was charged with conspiracy to commit first degree assault, went back to their car to retrieve something. They then encountered Howard.

According to Michael Smith, a sophomore receiver on the football team, he saw Jazz throw a punch at Lomax. After he threw the punch, Jazz was then stabbed by Lomax according to the arrest warrant. Jazz then ran across the street saying he’d been stabbed and eventually fell down on the ground by the Student Union.

Parker was stabbed during the fight as well as one of his teammates tried to pull him from the fight.

You can reading the entire arrest warrant here.