If you can remember back to February 15th when Dice-K met the media and had this to say, “I’ll throw a fastball. And to my first batter, if he is listening, please try not to hit it.” Well, the first batter, Johnny Ayers from Boston College, was obviously listening because he lined the first pitch fastball from Matsuzaka down the left field line for a double.

After that, Matsuzaka was flawless. That was the only hit he gave up in his 25 pitches, 19 of which he threw for strikes. I was impressed with him. He was very fluid in his mechanics on the mound. He also didn’t seem to have any issues in the communication with catcher Jason Varitek.

After he left the mound, he talked in the dugout for a few minutes, then went down to the bullpen for some more work. He ended up throwing only 15 fastballs down there, which is customary for Sox pitchers during spring training.

Anyways, a good start for Dice-K. Here is a look at the interview Tina Cervasio did with Dice-K after he was done.

After that, he did an interview with NHK that was showing the game live back in Japan.

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