Here is an update to the J.D. Drew situation that comes to you courtesy of the thru MLB Trade The author at RST, Tim, also has a great article on the Red Sox Virtual Waiting Room for tickets.

“He tells me that Drew has seen two surgeons for his shoulder, one requested by Scott Boras and the other by the Red Sox. It appears that one of the surgeons may have been Dr. James Andrews.

The likely result? A one-year clause similar to the one the Tigers gave Magglio Ordonez. The Red Sox would be able to opt out after the first season if Drew goes on the DL because of the shoulder. In the case of Maggs, Detroit could’ve voided the contract after ‘05 if he spent 25 days on the DL for his formerly troublesome left knee. There is no sign that Drew will end up anywhere other than Boston.”

So are the Red Sox making a mistake? Honestly, I sure hope not. I am still not sold on Willy Mo Pena as an everyday player until he starts hitting consistently. Plus I think J.D. Drew batting behind Manny is a whole heck of a lot better than Willy Mo or Trot batting there. Knowing the Red Sox luck at times, something tells me Drew will end up on the DL at some point for something other than a shoulder injury.

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