Here is a look at the Boston Red Sox from the Fort on Tuesday.

Dan Shaughnessy, who is Curt Schilling’s #1 fan, provided the updates for the Globe’s Extra Bases blog on Monday. One of the main things he had to say was that nothing much was going on at camp. There was no on the field batting practice and that Terry Francona was going to have the players do some defensive drills. He also gives us a look at the lineup for the game on Wednesday.

1. Julio Lugo, SS
2. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
3. David Ortiz, DH
4. Jason Varitek, C
5. Mike Lowell, 3B
6. Wily Mo Pena, RF
7. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
8. David Murphy, LF
9. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF

Interesting lineup to say the least. No Manny, no J.D. Drew, no Coco. I suspect the reason for this is the fact that the Red Sox will play split squad games on March 1st and 2nd. Plus with Manny just getting to camp, I am sure that they want to make sure he has his “baseball legs” under him. Not really sure why Drew isn’t playing other than what I said about the split squad games. Same goes for Coco.

The Red Sox will be moving their camp from the minor league complex to down the street at City of Palms Park. The reason for this is that the Red Sox minor leaguers are going to be reporting soon. Also, the Red Sox play all their home games at City of Palms.

Kevin Youkilis and Mike Andrews from the Jimmy Fund announced the second annual “Rally Around Cancer” on April 10th that coincides with the Red Sox opener.

All businesses and schools throughout New England are being asked to encourage their staff and students to wear their favorite Red Sox apparel to work or school on Opening Day at Fenway Park. Employees and students will be asked to donate $5 to the Jimmy Fund, with the top fund-raising business and school each winning a personal trip from Youkilis.

“We all know how hard a ticket to Fenway Park on Opening Day is,” said Youkilis, who is the voluntary chair of this year’s event. “Everyone can’t be there. So this is a great way for fans to show their support while rallying around my two favorite hometown teams, the Red Sox and the Jimmy Fund.”

Never mind opening day Kevin, just about every Red Sox game is impossible to get a ticket for. However, I will be one of the lucky ones that will be attending Opening Day at Fenway. No you can’t go with me. I was also fortunate enough to get Green Monster seats for the season finale against the Twins. I do plan to be donning the Red Sox gear and will most definitely be donating my $5. I strongly urge you to do the same. If you own a business, put a little fundraiser together. It’s for a good cause.

Extra Bases gives us a look at pitching matchups for the first four days of games.

  • Wednesday night’s probable pitchers when the Sox take on the Minnesota Twins at City of Palms Park (7:05 p.m., NESN and WRKO): Red Sox—Curt Schilling, Joel Pineiro, Brendan Donnelly, Julian Tavarez, Manny Delcarmen, J.C. Romero, Bryan Corey, and Renelvys Hernandez. Twins—Matt Garza, Scott Baker, Brad Voyles, Julio DePaula, and Jason Miller.
  • Thursday’s probable pitchers: Two games: Red Sox vs. Blue Jays at Dunedin (1:05 p.m.): Red Sox—Kason Gabbard, Devern Hansack, Travis Hughes, Javier Lopez, Edgar Martinez, and David Pauley. Blue Jays—Roy Halladay. Red Sox vs. Northeastern University at City of Palms Park (1:05 p.m.)—Red Sox—Josh Beckett and Craig Breslow.
  • Friday’s probable pitchers: Split doubleheader at City of Palms Park: Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays (12:35 p.m.): Red Sox—Kyle Snyder, Renelvys Hernandez, Brendan Donnelly, Hideki Okajima, Bryan Corey, Mike Burns. Blue Jays—Gustavo Chacin. Red Sox vs. Boston College (6:05 p.m., NESN (6:00-7:00 p.m. only) and WRKO): Red Sox—Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kyle Jackson, and Nick Debarr.
  • Saturday’s probable pitchers: Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies at City of Palms Park (1:05 p.m., NESN): Red Sox—Tim Wakefield, Jonathan Papelbon, Joel Pineiro, J.C. Romero, Manny Delcarmen, and Travis Hughes. Philies—Adam Eaton, Brian Mazone, Geoff Geary, Eude Brito, and Matt Smith.

Red Sox Nation will get their look at 4 of the 5 candidates during tonight’s game. Mike Timlin is ready to pitch but needs time in the bullpen before he gets into a game. With it being spring training, all the starting pitchers will be throwing 35 pitches or 2 innings. I would have to think about halfway thru the games in the spring, the Red Sox will start to mold their rotation. I know I will be watching the game tonight even though the UCONN Huskies are on. One on the computer, one on the television.

I don’t know about you but I am getting excited about the games starting. Even though to some it’s not baseball season until college basketball is over, it is nice to see the teams starting up. With the UCONN men out of things for the most part and the women still going and the Red Sox starting up, things will be heating up. I am not sure if that makes sense but in my head it did.

Here is a look at the some of the other Red Sox news around the net.

Tim Wakefield and Doug Mirabelli are still in sync with each other.

Here is a look at our newest second baseman, Dustin Pedroia.

Is Manny really happy?

From starter to potential closer, a look at Joel Piñero.

I will be back later with the “Half Marathon Around NL Camps”. Until then, godspeed and may the schwarz be with you.

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