Josh Beckett

It’s been a long season of Boston Red Sox baseball. A season that started in Japan ended with a walk-off win over their hated rivals the New York Yankees who were playing for pride. A win for the Yankees yesterday would have given them a sweep of the weekend series before they head to the golf courses and warm, maybe tropical destinations.

Towards the end of last night’s victory, all of Red Sox Nation had their hearts ripped out of them when Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald broke the news that Josh Beckett might be out for the entire postseason. Fortunately, we were given a lifeline when Terry Francona announced after the game that Beckett would be penciled in to start Game 3 at Fenway Park next Sunday.

I don’t think we would slot him in. Now certainly, if it goes the wrong way, we’re going to use pretty good, hopefully very good, judgment. But I think that we’re slotting him in there because we think he can pitch there. I don’t think – Friday was actually discussed. I think after Theo [Epstein] and I and John Farrell talked about it more and more and more, we thought that was pushing it. Because then you’re messing around with maybe cutting short a side session. It’s not just health, but it’s competing also. He has to be able to go out there and execute his pitches. I think he’s going to be OK.

So now instead of Beckett going in Game 1, we will see Jon Lester and then Daisuke Matsuzaka in Game 2. If Beckett is able to go in Game 3, the Red Sox should still be in as good of shape as they were before the Beckett announcement.

Steve and I conducted a poll of who you thought should be the Red Sox MVP of 2008 and with 49% of the vote, SOX & Dawgs readers have decided Dustin Pedroia is the 2008 Red Sox MVP. Kevin Youkilis finished second with 43% of the vote.

Dustin Pedroia

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Johnny Pesky

lt was a great day for Johnny Pesky who saw his No. 6 retired by the Boston Red Sox.

Even though he grew up in Canada, Jason Bay was a Hartford Whalers fan.

Mike Mussina hinted at retirement after picking up his 20th win.

Mark Kotsay will be able to help out the Red Sox should Mike Lowell or J.D. Drew not be able to play.

The debate over Joba Chamberlain’s role on the Yankees in 2009 will begin again.

J.D. Drew took a step in the right direction for the playoffs as he was able to play in Game 1 of the doubleheader yesterday.

Joe Girardi is looking towards the playoffs in 2009 for the Yankees.

Jonathan Papelbon was not happy with having to pitch in the crappy conditions in Game 1 yesterday.

Who wins the series between the Red Sox and the Angels? Could it be a sweep?

Sean Casey also checked in at with a couple of video blogs about dressing for success.

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Don’t forget, the Red Sox rally at Fenway Park kicks off at 4 PM today. If you can’t make it to Fenway, NESN has you covered with live coverage of the event.

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