Way back before the start of the NFL season I made some predictions.  As I like to do I go back and see how I did.  So here goes:

Super Bowl XLV logoMy Award Predictions:

Defensive Player of the Year
Darrelle Revis, CB – New York Jets

Offensive Player of the Year
Ray Rice, RB – Baltimore Ravens

Coach of the Year
Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons

Most Valuable Player
Adrian Peterson, RB Minnesota Vikings

How they turned out:

Defensive Player of the Year
Troy Polamalu, S – Pittsburgh Steelers

Offensive Player of the Year
Tom Brady, QB – New England Patriots

Coach of the Year
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots

Most Valuable Player

Tom Brady, QB – New England Patriots

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My Predictions:

AFC Playoff Seeding and Picks
1. Chargers 12-4 – AFC West Champ
2. Ravens    12-4 – AFC North Champ
3. Patriots    12-4 – AFC East Champ
4. Colts        11-5 – AFC South Champ
5. Jets          12-4 – AFC Wild Card
6. Bengals     9-7 – AFC Wild Card

Wild Card Weekend
Bengals @ Patriots…NE wins
Jets @ Colts…NY wins
Chargers and Ravens bye week

Division Playoff
Jets @ Chargers…SD wins
Patriots @ Ravens…Balt wins

Conference Championship
Ravens @ Chargers…Balt wins

How it ended up:

AFC Seeding and Results

1. Patriots    14-2 – AFC East Champs
2. Steelers   12-4 – AFC North Champs
3. Colts         10-6 – AFC South Champs
4. Chiefs       10-6 – AFC West Champs
5. Ravens     12-4 – AFC Wildcard
6. Jets            11-5 – AFC Wildcard

Wildcard Weekend
Jets @ Colts…Jets won
Ravens @ Chiefs…Ravens won
Patriots and Steelers had bye

Division Weekend
Jets @ Patriots..Jets won
Ravens @ Steelers…Steelers won

AFC Championship

Jets @ Steelers…Steelers won

NFC Playoff Seeding
1. Falcons      13-3 – NFC South Champ
2. Vikings       12-4 – NFC North Champ
3. Cowboys   12-4 – NFC East Champ
4. Cardinals  10-6 – NFC West Champ
5. Saints         12-4 – NFC Wild Card
6. Packers      10-6 – NFC Wild Card

Wild Card Weekend
Packers @ Cowboys…Dal wins
Saints @ Cardinals…NO Wins
Falcons and Vikings bye week

Division Playoff
Saints @ Falcons…ATL wins
Cowboys @ Vikings…Minn wins

Conference Championship
Vikings @ Falcons…Minn wins

How it ended up:
NFC Seeding and Results:

1. Falcons         13-3 – NFC South Champs
2. Bears            11-5 – NFC North Champs
3. Eagles           10-6 – NFC East Champs
4. Seahawks       7-9 – NFC West Champs
5. Saints            11-5 – NFC Wildcard
6. Packers         10-6 – NFC Wildcard

Wildcard Weekend:

Packers @ Eagles…Packers won
Saints @ Seahawks…Seahawks won
Falcons and Bears had bye

Division Weekend

Packers @ Falcons…Packers won
Seahawks @ Bears…Bears won

NFC Championship
Packers @ Bears…Packers won

My Prediction:
Super Bowl XLV
Ravens vs Vikings

Super Bowl XLV Champions
Baltimore Ravens

How it ended up:

Super Bowl XLV
Steelers vs Packers

Super Bowl XLV Champions
Green Bay Packers

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