Do you have someone in your life that is accident prone? You know that when ever they are around you keep them away from all sharp objects, they only get paper cups and plates to use and plastic silverware. In my family “that guy” was my brother. Growing he earned the nickname “stitch” because everything he did ended in stitches. He fell over the handlebars of the trike and got stitches, he was running around the living room and slipped on the carpet and caught his lip on my moms piano bench and ended up with stitches. My dad and I are petting a dog who turned and attacked my brother biting him in the face. One harrowing ride the wrong way down a one street and one visit to the Yale-New Haven ER later and he had about 300 stitches in his face. I’m pretty sure there are others I just can’t remember them.

Well Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goalie who 20 years had his jugular vein slashed by a skate blade during a game, accidentally shot himself in the chin with a .22 caliber rifle he was using to hunt rabbits with.

According to the police Malarchuk’s wife said he had placed the butt of the rifle on the ground between his feet when it discharged hitting him in the chin on Tuesday.

Malarchuck was flown to a Reno NV hospital and is expected to recover. He is currently the goaltending coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL.

So if Clint comes to your house make sure you lock up anything remotely dangerous.