Hochuli signaling a holding callWhile reading an article about NFL referee Ed Hochuli and the incomplete pass call from last Sunday in the San Diego – Denver game I came across the fact that he has his own website complete with a message board forum run by his son, Scott. 

There’s a few clips on the front page from article and interviews about “Eddie Guns” and a link to the message board which has topics like: Where he will work this week, photos, Everything Ed, questions about rules and officiating as well as talk about the NFL and college game. 

Hochuli, who is probably the best know NFL referee because of his physique, recently was in the news because he admittedly blew a critical call late in a game in Week 2 in Denver.  Personally I think Hochuli is the best ref the NFL has to offer and I hope he can move on from the mistake and continues to show up every week and make calls.

By the way Hochuli is in action this week he and his crew are scheduled to call the Cleveland-Baltimore game.