2011 NFL Playoffs

With the NFC & AFC Championships getting set to start in just a little bit, it’s time to continue my suckiness with predictions. Last weekend, I went 1-3 while Steve went 2-2. That puts me at 2-6 and Steve at 4-4.

So now we’ll give you our predictions for the NFC & AFC Championship. And since I suck so bad at them, I’m going to pick who I don’t want in the Super Bowl so maybe I can get something right. I actually don’t care who makes it since the New England Patriots won’t be there but here goes nothing.


Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears, 3 p.m., FOX

  • Ian – Bears 19-16
  • Steve – Packers 28-21


New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers, 6:30 p.m., CBS

  • Ian – Jets 24-21
  • Steve – Jets 20-17