Here is a jog around some of the news coming out of random spring training camps.

Johan Santana tells the Twins to “show him the money!” Somewhere Jerry Maguire is out there trying to get him his money.

Xavier Nady doesn’t have colitis. The Pirates have decided to remove the Port-O-Potties from foul territory.

The Devil Rays’ Elijah Dukes is studying at the plate and taking notes. How does he hold his Blackberry and the bat?

The Giants are developing a 16 yr old third baseman. His mom won’t let him hang out with Barry Bonds though.

The Seattle Mariners are trying to work the kinks out. Japanese massage parlors in Scottsdale report higher than usual business.

Homer Bailey of the Cincinnati Reds is also learning on the job. Problem is the opposing pitcher erased the notes he wrote in the mound.

Carl Pavano was happy about his first start of the spring. Must be all the Prozac he is taking.

Mark Prior and Kerry Wood are anxious to pitch on Monday. The Cubs already have the DL papers filled out for them.

The State of Orioles Nation. I can tell you it’s no masterpiece.

From the sands of Iraq to the beaches of San Diego, Cooper Brannan meets his new team.