Here is a look at the news and happenings of 10 random spring training camps.

Two thirds of the Angels outfield had home runs in their spring debuts on Friday. Were any of them steroid induced?

Santangelo just happy to be in Astros camp right now. I guess that beats sitting on your ass all day playing Halo on XBOX.

Carlos Zambrano thinks the Cubs will win the World Series and that he will win the Cy Young. Crazy talk I tell you. Crazy Talk.

Livian Hernandez threw 52 pitches in his spring debut for the Diamondbacks. Isn’t that a lot for the first time?

Aaron Fultz doesn’t like labels. I wonder if he shops at Staples.

20 lbs lighter, King Felix of the Mariners is feeling light on his toes. That Trim Spa really does work.

The doctors gave Pedro Martinez clearance to throw. How long until we hear the “Who’s Your Daddy chants?”

The cheapest bargain in baseball. Ryan Howard and his $900,000 contract. If he hits 58 homeruns again, thats only $15,518 for each one.

Adam LaRoche of the Pirates played his old teammates on Friday. Word of advice to Adam, don’t ride a motorcycle in Pittsburgh.

Jason Hirsh of the Rockies faced lived hitting on Friday for the first time. I have to ask. Has he ever pitched before if this was his first time?