Here is your look at the news coming out of spring training camps around the land.

The Playboy Bunny-esque Sooze over at Babes Love Baseball tells us why Kenny Rogers is out indefinitely for the Tigers.

Jason over at My Baseball Bias tells us that the Yankees officially named Carl Pavano their opening day starter.

Mets pitcher Chan Ho Park will be pitching in New Orleans to start the season with the Mets Triple-A team there.

Rob Bradford from Bradford on Baseball tells us his spring MVP for the Boston Red Sox.

In his ‘Past A Diving Jeter’ column over at The Red Sox Times, John Guszkowski gives us his predictions for all of the divisions.

John Lackey of the Angels is hoping that he has a ‘Cy Young’ type year. I hope he does too, he’s one of my fantasy league pitchers. Johan Santana and him are my two horses.

After a combined 16-2 in the minors last season, Micah Owings has been named the 5th starter by the Diamondbacks.

20 year old Felix Hernandez is your opening day starter for the Seattle Mariners.

The Atlanta Braves hope to return to their familiar spot on top of the NL East.

Carlos Zambrano hopes to get a win in his third opening day start for the Chicago Cubbies.