Here is some serious Red Sox news that comes to you from the Denver Post.

The Rockies are in discussions with the Boston Red Sox involving a trade of Todd Helton, according to multiple baseball sources.

Nothing is imminent, but negotiations are expected to resume Monday or Tuesday when Rockies general manager Dan O’Dowd returns to work after tending to a family matter. Helton, 33, has a complete no-trade clause, but has said he would consider Boston. A source said Helton is aware of the current Red Sox talks.

Helton’s future became a central issue this week after owner Charlie Monfort told The Denver Post the franchise remains open to dealing the most accomplished player in the Rockies’ history.

Helton has six years and $90.1 million remaining on his contract, and the Red Sox could face luxury-tax penalties if they acquire the first baseman, issues that would have to be resolved.

The Rockies, however, have shown a willingness to eat a portion of Helton’s remaining salary in any deal, which, depending on the amount, would have an impact on the type of players they would receive in return.

Colorado’s first priority has been to add young pitchers, which Boston possesses. The Rockies have asked about reliever Manny Delcarmen, 24, in previous talks regarding other players and considered selecting pitcher Craig Hansen in the first round of the 2005 draft.

The Rockies explored trading Helton to the Los Angeles Angels at the winter meetings last month, a move motivated by Colorado’s desire to fill multiple holes and spread out Helton’s salary. Said Helton at that time, “I know they want to get rid of my contract. It’s not something I am going to get upset about. They know if something comes up they can call me.”

Personally, I think this would be a great move for the Sox. Nothing against Youk over at 1B and his OBP, Helton would bring another bat to the lineup to protect the big guns. My concerns are where does Youk play if the Sox did acquire Helton. We do need him (Youk) in the lineup. Is Lowell being traded a possibility maybe for a relief pitcher, preferably a closer? Given the age of Youk and his economically viable contract (He made $323,000 last season), and Mike Lowell’s inflated contract ($9 million in his walk year, which is 2007), this to me would be the most likely scenario.

I know the high hopes that the Red Sox have for Delcarman and Hansen but to acquire a player of Helton’s caliber would be a tremendous boost to the Sox’s hopes for another World Series Championship. Would losing Delcarman and Hansen hurt us in the short term? I don’t think it will. Will it hurt us in the long term? No one can answer that right now for sure, but given their potential, it could be viewed that it might hurt us.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and watching Todd Helton play in his minor league days here in New Haven. He is one of the nicest guys in baseball, you will ever meet. The thing about being in the minor leagues is that you do get the so called “Bonus Babies” on your team. Well if you had ever met him, you would know that he didn’t act like that at all.

Back in 1996, my friend and I had gone out to Colorado to see the Rockies play for a long weekend. The tickets were on the Rockies and all we had to do was make the other arrangements. I didn’t know that the Rockies were honoring their minor league players of the year for each affiliate. Todd Helton, who got promoted to AAA in August that year, was sitting with us and goes “Ian what are you doing here?” So I told him that the Rockies had gotten me some tickets and we had come out for the weekend. So that kinda caught me off guard but it was nice that he remembered. I have gone to other Rockies games in Florida and New York and I am always sure to go down and say hi to him and everyone else that I know on the team or in the front office. Of course now that number has dwindled down to a few.

UPDATE: Helton has stated he would waive his no-trade clause to come to the Red Sox. Also the Rockies have stated they would pay half of the $90 million remaining on his contract. The deal is rumored to be Julian Tavarez, Mike Lowell, and prospects for Helton. The Rockies want Hansen and Declarmen but the Red Sox are not willing to trade either of them. Stay tuned for more about this as it becomes known.

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