Red Sox slugger David Ortiz will be out until Wednesday at the earliest with his sore shoulder.

Even though he was arrested, Scott Olsen will make his next start for the Marlins.

Casey Janssen has pitched in almost half of the Blue Jays games this season.

The Braves won’t pitch around Barry Bonds unless the situation calls for it.

The Devil Rays bullpen suffered another blow when Jay Witasick’s elbow blew up after his appearance on Saturday.

Batting between Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran in the Mets lineup has it’s advantages.

Orioles 1B Kevin Millar isn’t fazed about trade rumors involving him.

The Nationals farm system is much improved from last year.

Phillies stud’s Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins were happy they witnessed Tony Gwynn’s ceremony before Saturday’s game.

I am sure that Mike Mussina isn’t happy about the Yankees releasing Wil Nieves.