Websites selling features for social media users are nothing new but there has been an increase in the demand for them. This increase in demand is in line with the increase in the number of people who are using social media, an astounding number which continues to grow. The need of social media users to pay for features is down to the fierce competition that is emerging in the sector as more and more people see the benefits that can be had by using social media to promote themselves. With only so many likes to go around, an opportunity was spotted by several websites who thought of how they could help satisfy the demand for this interaction.

What to expect from these websites?

You can read more about the offers that are available to you if you visit one of these websites in question. There you will get an idea of the wide range of deals that they have and what the expense involved will entail. The types of deals on offer usually involve a set amount of features for a specific price, such as paying $5 for 10 likes or $6 for 10 followers. The value for money increases as you buy larger amounts so you may want to consider purchasing twenty likes for $7 or twenty-five followers for $8. In addition to this, there are also some combination deals which are available, such as ones where you can buy likes and comments in a bundle. This is just an idea of what you can get from these types of websites, though everyone will have their own take on it.

What to do with social media features once you have paid for them?

Getting your hands on these social media features is the easy part; the hard part comes afterwards when it is up to you to decide how you are going to use your new-found features to enhance the interaction with your profile. There are many different ways you can do this, depending on the features you have paid for. The most popular features that are bought by social media users include views, likes, comments, and followers. The way that you can put these features to use is not the same for all of them so it is worth taking some time to consider what is the most recommended course of action for each specific feature.


Views are a feature which come about when someone looks at the content on your profile. This can be a photo or a video. Views are ‘invisible’, that is to say you won’t get a publicly displayed number informing people who visit your profile of the number of views you get. However, views are important in the context of deciding your social media popularity. When it comes to using paid-for views, it is recommended that you add as many as possible. The more views you get, the more visible it becomes and the more chance it has of being seen by even more people.


Likes are a feature that are incredibly popular across all the social networks. This is because getting a like is a very visible and obvious way of showing to the world how popular your content is. Likes are usually handed out because the user in question appreciated what was in the content. This appreciation can be for a number of reasons but the important thing is that the user has taken the time out to like the post in question. Much like views, if you buy likes for your social media account, you should add as many as you can to the posts in question that you want to promote. By getting more likes, you are able to get more attention for your content as well as for your profile. You can also make it look to be more popular and this in itself will catch the eyes of many social media users.


Comments are a more complicated type of feature than views or likes because they involved the user behind them expressing their opinions to some extent. With likes, a positive opinion gets you a like and a negative opinion gets you nothing. With comments, however, a positive opinion gets you a positive comment while a negative opinion gets you a negative comment. Comments are also important because while being a form of interaction, they tend to generate more interaction themselves in the shape of likes and comments. Comments can also be used to tag other social media users and create more engagement in this way. Because of this, unlike views and likes, it is not necessary to add as many comments as possible. If you have the correct message contained within, just one or two will be enough to do the job.


Followers are the most important and useful feature to be found on social media. This is the case for two reasons: firstly, the number of followers an account has is a clear indicator of the popularity of that account and, secondly, followers are a multi-tasking feature in that they can view, like and add comments to your content as well as being counted as one of your followers. The crucial thing here is to make sure you get real followers as they will know how to interact with your profile on a