Sports betting bonus: Get the best betting company bonus

A sports betting bonus can be the famous icing on the cake. However, this is only the case if it is a fair betting bonus. Otherwise, the salt could turn into bad hair very quickly. But what does a good betting company bonus really depend on? This question is relatively easy to answer - and that's exactly what we did.

So if you are looking for an attractive sports betting bonus, you have come to the right place. In the following, we will not only show you the best betting bonuses . With us you will also find out what advantages a good bonus brings and how you can recognize a strong betting bonus in no time at all. From 0 to 100 you will become a real betting bonus expert with our support!

Sports betting bonus: you need to know that

  • The bookmakers provide a sports betting bonus for both new and existing customers
  • The bonuses can be offered in many different forms such as free bets, a deposit bonus or as a no deposit bonus
  • Existing customers can also look forward to promotions, sweepstakes, competitions or extras such as odds boosters and combination bonuses
  • Most betting providers bonus offers are tied to bonus conditions that must be met before the payout
  • The sports betting bonus alone should not be the benchmark for choosing a bookmaker. For this, further criteria such as the license or payment processing are decisive

The best sports betting bonus

If you want to get started right away, you can of course do so. Here we introduce you to our test winner in the betting provider bonus comparison . With this offer you are definitely on the safe side and can enter the betting portfolio for sports betting at full speed .

Betway bonus

The betting provider Betway is an experienced "rabbit" on the betting market. The bookmaker knows exactly what bettors attach great importance to. That's why you will find a highly attractive sports betting bonus here . With this offer you can grab a double betting provider bonus right away. The British provider provides you with a 100 percent bonus of up to 50 euros each for the first and second deposit into your betting account. So if you deposit 50 euros, you will receive 50 euros as a bonus. And that twice. Makes a whopping 100 euros bonus credit. However, the bonus conditions are also convincing with this offer. You have a total of 30 days to use your bonus amount six times in the portfolio. All odds of 1.75 or higher are rated. You can also fall back on lower betting odds, but then sales will increase. If you achieve the required turnover within 30 days, you can withdraw the Betway bonus.

Whether a bonus offer can convince in the betting provider bonus comparison depends of course on very different factors. Basically, the sports betting bonus should always be fair. So you should have a good chance of meeting the wagering requirements for the payout. For this, not only the summary turnover should remain manageable. The time periods for fulfillment should also be generous. The offers can score points if the conditions are as transparent as possible and not too restrictive .

What are the advantages of a sports betting bonus?

Bonus offers from bookmakers are of course not so popular for nothing. Every tipper likes to use a sports betting bonus to noticeably increase his betting capital. However, that is by no means the only advantage of the offers . The bonuses are also ideal for testing various sports betting strategies, for example . With the bonus balance you only take a manageable risk or no risk at all. If the strategies don't work, that's half as bad. In addition, with a bonus you can calmly venture into betting markets and odds that you might not otherwise have aimed at. The bottom line is that the betting bonuses are a strong extra on the part of the betting provider. And you definitely shouldn't miss it. In order for a betting provider bonus to really turn out to be a strong extra, fair conditions must be in place. How exactly these are composed and what you should pay attention to, you will find out in more detail later.

Sports betting bonus comparison: compare bonuses and strike

A sports betting bonus is not always the same. Basically, of course, all bonus offers work on a similar principle . These are there to bring you additional credit for your bets in the account. Nevertheless, there are in our betting provider bonus comparison offers in very different versions. We'll tell you here what bonuses you can expect in the market:

Sports betting deposit bonus

The sports betting deposit bonus can be found at almost every bookmaker in our bookmaker comparison . This sports betting bonus is an offer for new customers of a betting provider . After opening your account and making your first deposit, you will then receive a betting bonus as a thank you. Most bookmakers offer you a 100 percent deposit bonus. So you can double your first deposit. You can often get several hundred euros in bonus credit. These offers are often really worth it!

No deposit betting bonus

As an alternative to the deposit bonus for new customers, you can often secure a bonus without a deposit. You do not have to deposit your own money into your betting account for this betting provider bonus . Instead, the credit will be credited to you as soon as you open your account. So you can start right away, but at the same time you don't take any risks with your bets. Compared to the deposit bonuses, however, the no deposit bonuses are overall less attractive. You will probably not receive more than ten euros as a sports betting bonus without a deposit.

Free bets

A distinction is made between the bookmakers and our betting provider Bonus Comparison between the bonus money and the free bets. Both can be made available to you by the bookmakers. The free bets are free bets. So here you can place a bet for free. In the event of a win, the amount of the free bet will be deducted and only the winnings will be paid out to you . This is not the case with bonus money. For this, however, you usually have to meet significantly stricter conditions for bonus money than for free bets.

Sports betting bonus for existing customers

Numerous betting providers provide you with a sports betting bonus for existing customers. These offers are there to keep you enthusiastic about the offer. So you can look forward to very different types of promotions that are available to you as an existing customer. How exactly these actions look like depends on the creativity and desire of the betting provider.

Reload bonuses

The reload bonuses are a close "relative" of the sports betting deposit bonus. While the latter is intended for new customers with the provider, the reload bonuses are intended for all existing customers . By the way, when translated, reload means something like "reload". And that's exactly what you're doing with these offers on your account. Usually a bonus of several hundred euros is possible here. And sometimes even in the form of weekly or monthly offers.

Risk free betting

You can also look forward to the risk-free bets with the betting providers on the market. In this case you can place your sports bets risk-free. This is made possible by what is known as cashback. If the stake is lost, you will get it back from the provider . In many cases, the full 100 percent will be reimbursed to you. At other bookmakers it is part of the stake. This sports betting bonus can be credited to you both in the form of bonus credits and in the form of free bets.

Multi bets bonus

A really exciting betting provider bonus is the combination betting bonus. This offer is aimed specifically at the combination bets at the bookmaker. If you do this successfully, you will receive an additional bonus on your winnings . The highlight: The sports betting bonus depends on how many bets you successfully combine with each other. For example, you can increase the bonus from ten to 20, 30, 50 or even 100 percent.

Combined insurance

Combination insurances are also fully geared towards combination bets. But here you do not secure an additional bonus on your winnings. Instead, these insurances protect you from loss. As a rule , the combined insurances take effect if exactly one bet on your combination slip did not come off. In this case you would get your stake back, again in the form of a cashback.

Odds booster

One of the most popular bonuses out there is the odds booster. The popularity is mainly due to the fact that you as a tipster do not have to do anything for this sports betting bonus . The odds boosters are automatic increases in betting odds. This is done by the respective provider, usually for several batches per week. So you can win more with your bets than usual, completely unconditionally.

Mobile betting bonus

More and more sports betting fans are using their smartphone or tablet when they place their bets. The bookmakers have long since reacted to this. With many providers you can fall back on mobile sports betting bonus offers . These deals are then also available for use on your smartphone or tablet. In some cases, these may be mobile bonuses only. As a rule, however, the mobile betting bonuses can also be used on the PC.

Regular cashbacks

In addition to the cashbacks in the form of insurance and risk-free betting, there are also plenty of regular cashbacks on the market. These are then based, for example, on your lost stakes at a weekend or a week . You will then receive a certain part of the loss back in the following week as a sports betting bonus. You can significantly reduce pain loss with these offers.

Tax refunds

As a German sports betting fan, many bookmakers charge you betting tax. This means that your stake or your winnings are reduced by five percent on every bet. You can get this paid tax back from many providers. You can then collect tax refunds up to a certain amount. Often, for example, for losing multiple bets. A cool sports betting bonus that is exclusively intended for us German betting fans on the market.

Sweepstakes and competitions

With many betting providers you can regularly compete with other tipsters or the bookmaker. The competitions often stretch over several days or weeks. Prizes such as real money or bonus credits are awarded according to a ranking list . A prominent example of these competitions is the bet-at-home Porsche competition. This has been running for several years and in the end gives the winner a brand new Porsche 911. In addition to these competitions, many providers also offer competitions. Betting bonuses, material prizes or cash prizes then attract visitors here.

Cooperation offers

Betting providers often enter into cooperation with other companies. In addition, many bookmakers are also active as sponsors of sports clubs. These close collaborations sometimes lead to a number of advantages. There are always offers of cooperation that promise, for example, a betting provider bonus for the members of the sponsored club .

Refer friends

Betting providers also want to grow. For this, many companies rely on the help of their customers. You can then, for example, grab a sports betting bonus if you recommend the offer to a friend . It is very pleasant that in many cases your friend can also start with an additional bonus.

Unlock and withdraw sports betting bonus

A really good sports betting bonus not only flushes betting credit into your account. Fair deals are also tied to fair bonus conditions. These are the conditions that you have to meet in order to withdraw your bonus. The more pleasant these are designed, the better it is for you, of course. You can see here which conditions are evaluated in the betting provider bonus comparison for each sports betting bonus:

Wagering requirements

The "thickest chunk" of the conditions for a sports betting bonus are always the wagering requirements. With these, the betting provider determines how often you have to wager your bonus before paying out . Suppose you have a bonus of 100 euros and are tied to a six-fold wagering requirement. Then you would have to wager a total of 600 euros in order to be able to withdraw your bonus. Important: It is not always only a turnover of the bonus amount that is required. It may be that you have to wager your deposit amount and the respective sports betting bonus.

Minimum odds

The turnover of your sports betting bonus is always tied to certain minimum odds. Your turnover will only be counted if you reach these minimum odds with your betting slip . As a rule, the minimum odds are between 1.50 and 2.00. The lower the required quota, the easier it is for you to master the turnover.

Timing requirements

As a rule, you cannot take as much time as you want for the required turnover of your sports betting bonus. Instead, there is a certain period of time in which you must have mastered the wagering requirements for the payout. Usually this is between 30 and 90 days . All your bets must be placed and settled within this time for the turnover of the sports betting bonus.

Minimum deposit amount

In order to activate your sports betting bonus, you usually always have to deposit a minimum amount into your betting account. How high this is varies from provider to provider. Usually, however, no more than ten or 20 euros are required for activation . Of course, more is always possible.

Excluded payment methods

Most betting providers have an extensive payment portfolio. However, if you want to activate your sports betting bonus, you can not always use all of the payment options on offer . Some of the payment methods are excluded from the bookies. Especially Skrill and Neteller are among the most frequently excluded payment methods in the betting company Bonus Comparison.

Excluded betting markets and sports

In addition to the excluded payment methods, there may also be excluded betting markets and sports for your betting provider bonus. In the bonus conditions, for example, bets on the betting markets such as handicap or double chances are excluded . Exactly the same thing can happen with sports.

Cash-out bets prohibited

Many tipsters enthusiastically use the betting providers' cash-out function to evaluate bets ahead of time. However, you shouldn't do this with your sports betting bonus. These tickets, which are evaluated at an early stage, are usually not evaluated for the betting provider Bonus . You can make a profit, but you do not effectively clear the wagering requirements for your sports betting bonus.

Limitation of the types of bets

You should also check in the terms and conditions for your sports betting bonus whether all types of bets are permitted for the bonus. For example, you can often place single and combination bets, but not system bets . In addition, it may be that live bets, for example, are excluded from the offer. A real "classic" in this regard are the long-term bets in the betting provider bonus comparison. These are excluded from almost every sports betting bonus.

Betting provider comparison: The betting bonus does not alone decide

The sports betting bonus is, in a way, the “cherry on the cake”. A good betting offer can be made even more attractive by the betting provider bonus. However, this also means that you should check other criteria at the bookmaker in addition to the betting provider bonus . You can see what exactly these are here:

  • Sports betting license : Bookmakers are only allowed to offer their bets with a license. There is no room for bookies without a license in the betting provider bonus comparison. You should also check what other protective measures are being taken.
  • Diversity in the portfolio : good betting opportunities do not always arise in the same markets and in the same sports. Therefore, you should pay attention to a wide variety in the portfolio. This also helps you to unlock your sports betting bonus.
  • Sports betting app : With a good app, you can place your bets on the go. The app is only helpful if it is technically and optically well equipped.
  • Customer support : Regardless of whether you have questions about the sports betting bonus or other things. Contacting support should be made easy for you. And preferably around the clock.
  • Processing of deposits and withdrawals : You shouldn't have to worry about security when making payments. The more serious the payment partner, the better. You should also check whether fees are charged