French survey shows 6% of players "overwhelmed" during the second blockade.

The results of a survey conducted by French regulator L'Autorité nationale des Jeux (ANJ) showed that 6% of players reported feeling "overwhelmed" by their gambling activities during the second national blockade in October 2020.

The ANJ, led by Harris Interactive, surveyed 3,013 people who had gambled at least once during 2020.

The survey showed that 75% of players who wagered in 2020 did so during the second lockout.

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The results also showed that 6% of players said they had felt depressed about their volume of gambling since the second blockade began, and 70% of these players said they were worried about financial difficulties in the near future as a result.

Casino players and new players were more likely than average to report feeling overwhelmed.

However, 43% of these players said they had no plans to seek professional help and 35% planned to continue playing as much at a casino with quick withdrawals, aka casino casino med snabba uttag or more.

The majority of respondents, 54%, stated that they played about as much as they did before during the isolation. 11% said they played more during the lockout and 34% said they played less.

When asked what made players continue to play during the second lockout, 57% said they hoped they could make more money, while 43% said their gaming habits remained the same. Only 4% said that progress in gaming encouraged them to continue.

34% of those who said they did not play during the second lock-in said they did not want to spend money on games.

Revenue from online sales in France hit a record high in 2020, when the market brought in €1.74bn.

France also unveiled new plans for player protection requirements in January 2021.

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